MCDM – Cohort 10

Ivan Orbegozo

Innovador Móvil: Übermind

En mi clase de Medios de Comunicación Móvil para el Desarrollo e Integración “Mobile Media Development and Integration” tuvimos el honor de tener al fundador y Director ejecutivo de Übermind, Shehryar Khanal y a sus encargados de User Experience (UX), nuevos negocios y operaciones.

Übermind, compañía fundada en Seattle Washington fue una agencia dedicada a estrategia, móvil, creatividad y la web. Sus estrategias integrales móviles para la web y para dispositivos móviles fueron los que le permitieron trabajar para empresas como Apple y Target. Llegaron a tener muchos premios en diseño móvil e innovación porque ofrecierón una combinación única de UX en su desarrollo con diseño intuitivo, creativo y elegante.

En Enero del 2012, la empresa de servicios financieros y de consultoría Deloitte compró Übermind. El objetivo de Deloitte es llegar a ser uno de los jugadores mas importantes dentro del mercado móvil y con esta compra se aseguró un lugar importante dentro del mundo móvil.

Con la compra sellada las dos empresas tuvieron un proceso de reorganización que duro algunos meses. En ese tiempo se trataron muchos puntos: los aspectos positivos y negativos de la compra, cambio de nombre y sobre todo las nuevas oportunidades que traería esta nueva unión.  Actualmente la empresa se llama Deloitte Digital. El lanzamiento del video lo puedes ver aquí.

Deloitte Digital dará mucho de que hablar. Especialmente hoy en día, ya que estamos viviendo un auge móvil a nuestro alrededor. El número de clientes sigue creciendo gracias a la cartera de clientes globales de Deloitte y probablemente ya esten pensando en su estrategia móvil para entrar en el mercado de Latino America.

Mobile Experience @Sea-Tac airport

I’ve been using Sea-Tac  airport’s Wi-Fi network for a long time. Each time after logging in,  I always got prompted into a landing page that was not a mobile-optimized site —at least from my mobile device. Trying to read a site that is not mobile friendly is inconvenient. I had to use both hands to zoom in or zoom out of the area that I wanted to focus on.

Last week at the airport, I thought that I was going to have the same mobile experience that I had in the past. However, this time my mobile experience was much better. I landed into a great mobile-optimized site. All the things that I wanted to find out about my flight, airport, in addition to others, were on my mobile screen device. Congratulations to the management at the Port of Seattle for bringing good mobile experiences to all of its customers!


Exited for my great mobile experience from the Port of Seattle, I decided to scan in the QR code displayed on one of the posters from the Transportation Security Agency (TSA).


This time I got redirected into a non mobile-optimized page. Fail.

TSA Non Mobile-Optimized Site

All U.S. airport passengers know how painful it is to go through the TSA screening process. So, I was ready to leave my feedback . I grabbed my phone and scanned the QR code.


I got prompted into another non-mobile optimized site. The feedback form was not mobile friendly at all.


I understand that the majority of websites are not mobile-optimized, but if you add a QR code in your print advertisement, please link your QR codes to mobile friendly sites.

Unfortunately, the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) does not have a QR code “Best Practices” established yet. Below are some of my recommendations for creating a successful QR code mobile campaign:

  1.  Have a mobile (QR code) campaign strategy. First define your target audience. And ask yourself, what I am trying to achieve with this campaign?
  2. Adding a compelling call to action —right next to the code— will let the consumers know exactly what are they going to get, if they scan the QR code.
  3. Link your codes to mobile-optimized sites. Potential customers are going to scan QR codes using their mobile devices.
  4. Embed a logo inside of the QR code. It will make a good impression to your customers during your campaign. To learn how-to make a personalized QR code click here.
  5. Please test the QR codes before your campaign starts to make sure that it will work, otherwise it will look bad for your brand.
  6. Design the QR code large enough for easy scanning from short distances.
  7. Track your results with real-time traffic and analytics such as Bitly.

The newer mobile website of Sea-Tac’s airport is one of the best ones I have ever tried. To be able to use the wi-fi (free of charge) you need to watch first a 1 minute T-Mobile advertisement video. Sea-Tac airport is one of the few U.S. airports offering free wi-fi for their customers.

Peruvian Mobile Marketing Campaigns

Lately, an increased number of Peruvians are using social media platforms and buying the latest mobile devices in the market.

Peruvians are infatuated with Twitter. Two weeks ago, they had the highest number of tweets across Latin America, and in regards to mobile, the mobile penetration is higher than average for Latin America. The mobile penetration surpassed more than 120% in some areas along the southern coast outside of Lima -the capital of Peru.

Due to the high demand for mobile services, the goverment approved having a fourth mobile operator. The winner was a Vietnamese company called Vittel Group. This company will join Telefonica (Spain), America Movil (Mexico) and Nextel (U.S.) which are currently offering mobile services. This latest move will help to level the playfield even more for the Peruvian market.

This is why mobile marketing campaigns are spreading fast with Peruvians. The most common ones are Apps, QR codes, mobile-optimized sites, and Short Messages Services (SMS). Below are some of the marketing campaigns that have caught my attention.


Radio Programas del Peru (RPP): Is the most important news radio in Peru. They had been using Apps and mobile-optimized sites for almost six months.


Results: Their App is clean and easy to use. The capability that I found most helpful is the one that allows me to listen to live radio while checking emails or browsing other news.

QR Codes

Pardo’s Chicken: Is the most famous rostisery chicken restaurant in Lima. They launch their mobile-optimized site through a QR code campaign in magazines and flyers.



Results: They have had great success. They noticed an increase in mobile searches. I was able to see everything that I wanted to know in the landing page.

Mobile-Optimized Sites

Cineplanet: Biggest movie theater chain in Peru.


Results: The mobile-optimized site was launched a year ago and has been successful in reaching their targeted market of users between the age of 18 and 20 years old.


Ministerio de Salud: Is the Peruvian Department of Health. In their campaign called Muevete Peru, they promote healthy living tips through text messages.


Result:The first phase was made for all university students across Peru. They claimed that it was a success. Now they are trying to make this program more broader to the Peruvian population.

I wrote this blog post entirely on my Samsung Galaxy S. I used the WordPress Android App.

Mobile Application Analytics

Jeff, recommended a site called Flurry for analytics.

Mobile-Optimized Sites

Many sites are not mobile-optimized yet. Last week, I decided to look for companies doing business in Seattle that have a mobile-optimized presence. I was particularly looking for sites that were clean, simple, but most importantly helpful. I did my browsing on a Samsung Galaxy S using the Dolphin Browser —that by the way, its amazing! Below is the list of my favorite mobile-optimized sites:

1. Morton’s Steakhouse: Its definitely one of my favorite mobile-optimized sites. It has a great user interface. It is easy to navigate with only one thumb. Plus, consumers have the option to make a reservation right on the spot. I found it really helpful to have the social media icons at the bottom of the landing page. This mobile site is muy bueno.


2. Walgreens: I tried this mobile-optimized site a week ago and had a great experience. I was looking for a product that was very easy to find.  The landing page has two options. The first was to download the Android App and the second was to continue via the Mobile Web. Having both options in the landing page was very helpful for me.  They also have apps for iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, and Windows Phone 7. They have been using a comprehensive SMS program to let users know when to pick-up their prescriptions whenever they are ready. That is why they won the People’s Choice Webby Awards “Best Integrated Mobile Experience”.


3. Zillow: The company just released its First Quarter 2012 results. They achieved a great milestone. For the first time homes viewed on mobile devices exceeded the number of houses viewed from their main website. Now, I know why. Their mobile-optimized site its easy to follow and intuitive. The app must have an even greater user experience than in a mobile-optimized site!  Usually, home buyers are driving while looking for houses away from their desktops or laptops— and using their mobile devices to conduct searches makes sense. 


4. Seattle Post-Intelligencer: Was the first newspaper in the country to switch to online-only publication. Its mobile -optimized site is easy to interact with. The landing page also gave me the option to download their new mobile app or to continue browsing from their mobile web.


Next week, I would like to do some mobile browsing in Peruvian sites. For now, please let me know if you have a favorite mobile-optimized site that you like to share with me. Adios.

txt2wrk – Connecting Job Seekers and Employers

Now, the most common way for job seekers to look for jobs is over the internet. Having internet access helps applicants to find employment options faster. But, what about if the applicants have limited internet access? Their opportunities wouldn’t be the same as the applicants who have broadband access. They will not know when a job becomes available.

In Oakland, CA there is a company called txt2wrk, that was founded to improve access to employment opportunities for parolees with low levels of literacy and limited access to broadband. They are improving people lives using Message Service (SMS) to alert job seekers whenever a job opportunity is open.

To try the txt2wrk demo click here.

SMS is one of the most successful mobile messaging tools available.  It is popular because it can be used by any mobile phone regardless of the mobile phone company providing the service.

I found a few companies that are offering the same service as txt2wrk in other countries. Below are a few of them:

  1. India Career Portal – India
  2. ejobmonster – Nigeria
  3. YuvaJobs – India
Please let me know if you are aware of more companies that are offering this kind of service abroad.
Having real job time alerts is very beneficial. I see a great opportunity for services like this one in Latin America where research made by Pyramid  have concluded that the number of active mobile phones in Latin America will reach 130 percent by the end of 2015.

QR Codes = Value for Customers

QR codes or two-dimensional codes in general, have been around us for years. But just recently —thanks to smart-phones— they are bringing brand messaging in a more interactive and enjoyable way to build brand loyalty and capture new business.

Mobile marketers are now creating codes with more creative designs. However, this is not enough to engaged a reader’s attention. Now, they need to create more compelling calls to action with added value for potential customers.

Last week, I went to a Home Depot to buy some vegetables seeds. While I was there (perfect time and place) I saw a code ad from a company called Bonnie Plants. I grabbed my phone and started to scan it  everywhere I could.

When I scanned the code into my phone, I got prompted into a mobile-optimized site. It did exactly what the call to action on the board said it would do. It also had an option to experienced it in Spanish. That’s what I call added value!


Then I saw a perennial Columbine plant with a QR code that I thought would only contain general information.

I was wrong. The QR code took me into a mobile-optimized site with information about that particular plant.

The trend in QR usage is growing. A recent study made by the mobile marketing company Nellymoser, mentioned  “A record 4468 mobile action codes, which we broadly define to include all 2D barcodes, QR codes, Microsoft Tags, and watermarks, were printed in the top 100 U.S. magazines in 2011.” I predict that this trend is going to continue to grow.

The novelty factor, the increase of social media platforms, the potential for print advertisements to connect the real world with the virtual one (using compelling print-to-mobile and print-to-social campaigns) is fantastic. The  great experience I have had using QR codes myself, makes me believe that this technology will continue to bring more opportunity for brands to gain new customers in the future.

Mobile App for concert fans

I witnessed  —like everybody else— the news about Facebook’s latest acquisition last week. During a Pierce Morgan interview I learned about this marketing consultant called Gary Vaynerchuk, who predicted the Facebook acquisition of Instagram in December 2011. So I wanted to know more about him.

Gary is a successful entrepreneur who works tirelessly every day and strongly believes that a good customer relationships matters. He claims that perhaps in their time our great-grandparents probably knew the value of building and developing personal relationships with their customers. However, big corporations found it more cost-effective to overlooked customers concerns rather than working with them on improving or solving their issues.

In this digital age with many social media platforms, like Twitter, Facebook, or YouTube, the power is shifting back towards the customer. Corporations will need to pay more attention to customers and start caring enough to reach back out to them to avoid cases liked United breaks guitars. Gary is a person who believes in a thank you economy which values a very high degree of customer satisfaction.

I agree with Gary. As a entrepreneur myself,  I founded his points of view very valuable. Now any corporation or small business owner will have the opportunity to start embracing customers in this new thank you economy through social media platforms.

Thinking about this new thank you economy, I got an idea for a mobile app after having a bad experienced during a concert. I bought VIP tickets for a concert two weeks ago. The show was great but at the end I left feeling a little disappointed. The band only performed songs from their set list. They did not listened to the audience who were screaming to hear particular songs -actually, one of those songs was the song that made the band well known. If I knew this before hand, I would not have bought VIP (or regular) tickets for the concert at all. This kind of one way communication its not the way to do business these days.

This mobile App will allow concert buying tickets fans to be more  in control at the day of a concert. How? The App will provide interaction (before, during, and after) between the fans and the band in a particular venue. This will include:

  1. A set-list from the band for the day of the show.
  2. An area (thank you area) that includes all of the songs people want to hear at the concert that were not included in the set-list.
  3.  A ranking “shame wall” area that attaches directly into a band’s site (or other sites) to allow people to see how the band performed in regards to hearing fans requests.

Do you know of any App that has these capabilities?

Mobile Experience at Cactus

I need to make a confession. I started to embrace mobile just recently. As a digital immigrant, there are certain things that I’m not feeling so comfortable sharing via social media channels. Like letting people know where I am as an example. However, that’s one of the things that I like the most about the MCDM program. It allows me to keep me current with the latest trends in digital media and most important to start thinking mobile.

Last week, I went with a group of friends to Cactus, a Tex-Mex restaurant in Alki (I did my check-in).  During the conversation, I noticed that one of my friends was pointing her smartphone at her napkin. At that time, we lost her.

She got prompted into a Facebook page that required her to fill out  a form to win free stuff. So she did.

Looking at their Facebook page I discovered that they have a Fan Appreciation Day with Happy Hour from 4pm to close for fans only.  So I joined their fan page too.

I was pleased to witness that they are really embracing mobile in their marketing efforts.

I had a great experience at Cactus. Their mobile ad campaign worked with me –and a couple more of my friends. Now, they have me as a loyal customer.

For me, that was a great example on how to connect the offline word into the online world.

Last thing, you should go to Cactus and try their salsa, its one of the best ones I’ve ever had.

Strategic Research

Here is the link for the syllabus.


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